Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Sweet" Memories

So, there are a couple of things I must put on here so that I don't forget them as Olivia gets older. I have to make sure these go in her book.

Yesterday: (While I'm brushing Olivia's teeth)~ Olivia to Mom~ "Mom, you know what?" Mom to Olivia~ "What Liv?" Olivia to Mom~ "You are REALLY bumpy today, you know that?" (referring to the acne on my face!!!!)

Oh, but it gets better.....

Last week: (While DAD is brushing Olivia's teeth)~ Olivia to Dad~ "Daddy, you know what?" Daddy to Olivia~ "What Liv?" Olivia to Dad~ "You're teeth are really yellow!" (Bahahahahahahaha)
Later that day when Olivia hears daddy telling ME what she said that morning, she tries to make it better and says "Daddy, it's not ALL your teeth, just that one in the front!" Bahahahahahahaaha!!!! You see, he has one of those fake ones in the front (forgot what they are called at the moment) (veneer maybe?)... Sooooo freaking funny.. Needless to say, I was instructed to purchase some Crest Whitestrips at Wal~Mart today... :o) She has so much to say in the mornings while her teeth are being brushed. I love the innocence & honesty!! I hope she NEVER changes.