Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our First Official "School" Illness....

Well, Olivia has her first official illness since starting school. She has been really sick since Sunday (or Saturday night). I knew (and was warned) that she would get sick a lot at first. I just hope it's not too much. It has been kinda rough this week, but we've managed. I didn't miss any school and Jason didn't miss any work so I guess we got lucky this time. In my Speech class, my teacher will not let you miss 1 day or he deducts 25 points. Yes, you heard it right! No excused absences. Oh, and get this, if you miss more than 2 days, he starts deducting 50 points off your grade for every absence. Nice huh??? Well, really he seems to be. I am shocked at the attendance policy though. If Olivia gets sick and I have a doctor or hospital note and he deducts 25 points, we are going to duke it out!!!! :-) No really, I think I can manage. I just hope everyone else can. I think his class will be fine. (I am trying to stay positive about it can't you tell?). Here are some cute pics of Olivia I took last week BEFORE she got sick!

Not sure what the deal is with the pouty lips. Not sure where she has picked this up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of School.....

So today was Olivia's first day of school and she was so very excited about going. I have been talking it up for several weeks now in hopes that today would go smoothly, and it did. Today was "White Day" at school, so everyone was supposed to wear white. (Learning their colors). I dropped her off and the first thing she said to her teachers was "I'm hungry!". Nice huh??? I had told Olivia that her school would be making her breakfast and lunch, so she felt like they needed to know she was ready to eat I guess. I gave her a kiss and left. I called back at 9:30 to check on her for the first time. They said she was doing great but that they thought she might should be moved up to the 3 and 4 year old class because she was so mature. (And that she ate very well this morning by the way). Well, I am not a crier, I just do not tear up that easily. But, I started crying. I couldn't believe it. I am not sure why that upset me so much (I guess somehow that means she's growing up). I went and picked her up at 2:30 and the teachers said "Oh, she'll be so glad your here. Every time that door opens, she hollers "Mommy!" Now how sad is that. She was so happy to see me, but she had a fantastic day. She was in such a good mood all afternoon and I asked her if she wanted to go back tomorrow, and she said "Yes!" I probably should have done this a long time ago. She has been lonely at home I think. She was used to having kids all around her the first 10 months of her life at the orphanage, so this is right up her alley! I am so glad it went as well as it did. Here are a couple more pictures from this morning before her first school day.

After we got home, she decided she needed to read to "Bunny". This is where we sit and cuddle and read to her. Look at those little toes! I love her toes!!

Then, to top off the night, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Jason was running on the treadmill, and "I thought" Olivia was just playing in her room. I did call for her a couple of times and she would say, "I'm in my room", so I ASSUMED she was fine. Well, her dad came and got me and took me to her room and I saw beautiful black locks of hair lying in the floor!!!!!! She had cut her hair!!!!!! I was mortified! I knew she was in her room at her vanity playing when I checked on her last and she had her doll head in the chair doing its hair, but how, when and where she got the scissors, I do not know. Sneaky!! I told her that only her aunt Jen could cut her hair. NOT HER!! She didn't do too much damage. Just looks layered (in some places!!) Teehee. Oh well. By the way, her doll got a haircut too!! Poor girl!

And finally, a picture of Livie having fun in the tub tonight!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Pray to Jesus"....

So the past few weeks, Jason and I have decided to try to get in the habit of saying a prayer before we all eat dinner at night. I'll admit, this is one habit Jason and I never did that we should have already been doing. Anyway, at night I will say "Oh, we need to say our prayers." Olivia just loves it. Everyone at the table ends up saying a prayer (at Olivia's request). But I just had to post, every one of her prayers start with "Pray to Jesus".. EVERY ONE! And if we forget to say them, (yes, we forget) she says "We need to pray to Jesus!" It is the sweetest thing ever! She always makes us close our eyes and cross our fingers together. So tonight, I'll admit, I peeked to see what kind of face she was making during these prayers, and it was the cutest thing ever... So, I got up and got the camera ~ and then got in trouble!! Hehe.... :-) Our baby is growing up!!!


Monday, January 5, 2009


I just want to tell everyone now, my posts may start slowing down drastically when school starts back. I start on the 15th (next Thursday) and I do have some rather difficult classes this time. Also, I will be studying for the hesi test that I have to take if February, so my blog life will be taking a back seat for a while... I am not going to quit blogging though. I do have plans for a couple of posts in the near future, I just can't keep up like I am used to when classes start. I just wanted everyone to know why I am suddenly not leaving comments on your blog or not updating as frequently...Please keep me in your prayers as I am studying for this hesi test. This test will determine whether I get into the nursing program or not and I have A LOT of competition.... Just want you all to know what's going on with me when my blog is not being updated that much.... Love ya friends.......