Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Here are some pictures from Charlie's birthday party last weekend. Charlie is my nephew (Olivia's cousin). Hope you had a wonderful birthday bud. We love you bunches & your party was a blast!

Charlie's Spongebob cake

The castle jumper my sister rented. They loved this thing.

Kloe, Jason & Olivia

Uncle Ryan getting the pinata ready & some of the children anxiously awaiting.

Olivia, Rylan & Kloe

Sweet baby Drew (Olivia's cousin)

Now we're ready!!! Charlie got first swing on the pinata.

Cousins~ Madison & Olivia ;-)

Olivia & Kloe playing Tarzan on the castle.. So cute.

Look out everybody!!!! Here comes uncle Jason!!!! (Notice my sister Kim pulling Kloe out of the way) Teehee

Go Olivia!!

Charlie opening some gifts.

Daddy & Olivia ~ Awww!!

Layne, April, Paige & Patsy (my stepmom :-)

Mea & Colton

Lynette & Wiggy

The "Birthday Boy"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"I think I'll just hold it"

Yes, she is sound asleep. I woke up one day last week & went into Olivia's room to check on her, (like I do every morning), and this is how I found her. Scared me at first until I heard her snoring. I guess she decided she could "hold it" afterall ;-)Teehee!

Here's another funny one for ya. One night last week, Jason & I were sound asleep (and I "THOUGHT" Olivia was), and I hear Olivia quietly screaming "Mommy, my fingers stuck"! I got up out of bed (and out of a dead sleep) to see what in the world was going on, and Olivia was standing up in her room (while she was supposed to be sleeping) and had stuck her finger in a hole in her lamp that my grandmother gave her (too hard to explain) & had gotten it stuck in there. And when I say stuck, I mean stuck!! We had to break out the baby oil and work her finger out of the hole.It was funny the next morning, but I was so ill the night it happened. I remember asking her "Olivia, why in the world are we prying your finger out of a hole in your lamp with baby oil while you were supposed to be sleeping?" Her response: "I don't know." KIDS!!! I love it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Summer Girls"

Two posts in 2 days!! Wooo Hoooo! I'm on a roll!

Here are some pictures of Olivia's, Jenna's & Victoria's birthday party at school last Monday. Their birthday's fall in the summer time, so the teachers let them celebrate their birthday's at school before school let out for the summer, so as to not leave anyone out. The other kids get to celebrate their birthday's during the school year at snack time or lunch time, but Olivia's, Jenna's & Victoria's are all in July when school is out. I thought it was great of the teachers to think of them too. Westwood School has been just fantastic & we love it there. The teachers told us that the kids were sick of cupcakes & just weren't eating them very well anymore, so we decided pizza & popsicles and it was a BIG hit. They loved it. They couldn't wait for the popsicles!!! Miss Tina & Miss Glenda also gave them kisses & a book for their birthday. So sweet!!

Livie ~ Birthday Girl 1

Victoria ~ Birthday Girl 2

Jenna ~ Birthday Girl 3

Fixing to pray before lunch

Blowing out her candle

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dibrell Pageant

Well, I broke down & let Olivia enter another pageant. The first pageant she was in was the one at the fair 2 years ago. (Our very first blog post I think) She won in her age group (24-30 mon). I was content. She, on the other hand, was not. She talks about pageants all the time & walking around onstage in a pretty dress because she LOVED the first one she was in. I have ignored it (because I am just not the pageant type person), but I finally started feeling bad about it & entered her into another one. We entered the Dibrell pageant about 2 weeks ago and she won again!! Yippeee!! (There were 7 contestants ;-) Anyway, she had fun and that is all that matters. Before they went onstage, we were told that the parents could go onstage with the girls if we wanted to since they didn't get to practice & they were only 3 years in age. I asked Olivia if she wanted me to go up there with her, & she said "No, I want to go by myself". I was shocked. Afterall, I didn't want her to go up there & make a fool of herself, BUT, this is what SHE wanted and it was HER night, so I let her do what she wanted. It was all about the fun anyway, not winning. So, she got up there and strutted her stuff, didn't walk all the way across the stage like she was supposed to (though I don't think any of them did), then went off. I was sooooo proud of her. Then, they brought the group back out and she stood there waving oh so beautifully, and THEN she decided to plop down in my lap. I about died.. I said "Girl, what are you doing??? Get up!" She grinned and jumped up... Oh my!!! I was laughing hysterically then. Anyway, we had fun. Her daddy, Nanna and Pa brought her roses & her Aunt Erica, Rylan & Charlie went out to eat with us afterwards (in a tornado warning I might add!) An overall fun time. By the way, I must also mention (so that she will have this in her book when she gets older), I only paid $5.89 for your dress!! Teeheee.. I love ebay!!! I also did your hair. Heather, Kalia's mom, sprayed in the glitter. I was sooo proud of you this night baby girl! You are starting to show independence!

Olivia & her friend Kalia backstage before the pageant started.

Here are Olivia & some of the girls telling stories before the pageant started. We were trying to come up with ideas to keep them occupied until it started.

Here is Olivia watching the storms roll in before the pageant started. There were some really bad storms this night. This was the night of the historic floods in TN.

I love this picture! They are lined along a wall waiting to go onstage.

Olivia onstage ( with the group & before she decided to plop down into my lap ;-)... Thank you to Rick Dixon for getting these pictures. I got the camera from Jason just before the pageant started so I could get backstage pictures, then I was never able to get the camera back to him before she went onstage. THANK YOU RICK AND KENNETTE!!! (Daddy did get it on film though. Yay!! Go daddy! ;-)

Olivia & her friend Kalia with their trophies ;-) Her friend Kalia got 2nd place!! Yay Kalia!

1st, 2nd & 3rd place.. Yay! Go girls!

And again......

Monday, May 10, 2010

Olivia's First Camping Trip.....

Back in April, Jason, Olivia & I went camping at Rock Island with some family for a week. We had the best time! It was the first time Olivia had ever been camping and she had a blast. Ticks were HORRIBLE when we went, but Livie & I never seen the first one on us; her daddy did though. He found 2 on him and so did most of the rest of the family. I loathe ticks!! One of my worst fears.. Anyway, an overall wonderful and relaxing trip. Sorry about all the pictures, but as usual, I took A TON!! (By the way, for those of you who went, I will post all of them on fb when I get a chance so you can tag them) I have MANY, MANY updates to catch up on, so I will be doing several posts the next couple of weeks. Things around here have been really busy.Hope to update soon & hope everyone is having a fabulous spring!

Livie & Aunt Betty smelling the flowers that were starting to bloom on our trip

Brooke, Shelby, Layne, Hope & Rylan (Olivia's cousins) ~ Minus Olivia ~ she doesn't do heights ;-)

Hope, Layne & Rylan (cousins)

Daddy on the "Big Rocks"

Livie again ;-)

Good thing aunt Erica was on this trip. She had to take Olivia in the water. I just couldn't do it. I can't handle the funk in the water. Makes me sick to my stomach. No lie people.

See, look at it. I took this picture to prove it to her when she gets older. Ewwww!!! That is one thing I just can not do. If you click on this picture, you'll get a good look at the nastiness! Yuck!

Just another cute pic

Another picture of the crew ~ Minus Olivia~ She wouldn't go up there.

My two favorite people!! I love this picture of them!

The Gang ~ Pic # 1

The Gang ~ Pic # 2 (Never did get everyone in a picture. Oh well, too many of us)


Livie & her daddy.... So sweet..

So when Jason & I pulled up to OUR campsite the day we arrived to camp, this little sign was hanging on our number. My sister Erica had surprised us with it!! She knew I wanted it & that I wouldn't buy it for myself, so she bought it for me. I love her sooo much.:-)

Our home for a week at Rock Island (And our new camper! We are so excited!)

Livie taking it easy & sipping on a Capri~Sun

Layne, Olivia, Shelbie & Brady

Our girl!!!

Picture of me (Olivia took) playing dodgeball! We had SO much doing this. (Except for Olivia's cousin Layne, who ended up with stitches. :-(

Rylan, Paige, Madison, Olivia & Charlie taking it easy in the hammock! Cutie pies! (Please don't be mad at me Paige.. I think it's cute!)