Thursday, August 19, 2010

An official "update" on the Jones'.......

Let's see... Where to start. Well, Miss Olivia turned 4 this summer and she is just changing in sooo many ways. She seems so grown up these days. We have gotten in a really bad habit this summer. Little Miss Olivia has gotten to where she comes to bed with us EVERY night and falls asleep snuggled up to my armpit (laying on my arm)... I love it!!! I do not have the heart to make her go to her bed. I know she needs to, but I can't. I enjoy this as much as she does, so I will just keep doing it until she's too big to do it I guess. So, we just let her go to sleep and then we take her to her room :o) She learning "some" independence that way :o)

About Livie ~ her seizures have gotten SOOOO much better.. Thank God! We really don't have any episodes during the day anymore, but we still have some minor jerks at night. We are NEVER up all night anymore, she just has trouble falling asleep sometimes. Nothing major. The neurologist actually told us on our last visit that 80 or 85% of kids who are diagnosed with this form of epilepsy when they are young, outgrow it. We shall see. Thank God for answered prayer though. She doesn't suffer anything like she did when it all started, and sometimes she doesn't at all. Very strange. Our next appointment is in a couple of weeks. Gum has something to do with it. I am not sure what, but there is just something about gum. We shall see. Mothers instinct. Mark my words!!!

Olivia has quit gymnastics. She got to where she wouldn't stay, so I just let her quit. She wasn't enjoying it too much. Not sure what happened there, but she said she just didn't like it. :o( Oh well.

Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is spaghetti.. If you fix this child spaghetti, she will eat two HUGE plates of it.. LOVES it... She eats more than I do. So we have spaghetti here like once a week at least. :o)

She started back to school this week at Westwood and she absolutely loves it. Miss Amy & Miss Ashley are her teachers and she just jumps out of my arms in the mornings and she is gone before I can tell her bye. I love it. That school has been phenomenal and I can't say enough good things about it.

She started soccer this year and she's not sure about that yet. Hobie Stewart is her coach and I am his assistant. I will let you know in a couple of weeks how that goes. We went to the first practice last Monday night and Olivia did so good practicing by herself, but when they all got out there and started fighting for that one ball, Olivia fell back and just looked around like "Why in the world are we all fighting & kicking each other for this stupid ball?" It was soooooo funny. You teach them until this point to share and be nice, then when they get out there to play soccer, you tell them to fight for the ball and "kick it".. She was soooo confused at this point :o) Her friend Kalia (from church), her cousin Kloe & her friend Dyson (from school) are all on her team. We were so excited. There are 6 on a team, 3 girls & 3 boys. Just precious. I have waited for these days for so long.

Olivia has started asking me whose belly she grew in.. :o( I tell her some sweet lady from China and she is content with that (for now).. I am waiting for the hard questions to come up.. Olivia is so full of life and so happy.. I love her smile and everything about this kid. God could not have paired all of us together any better than He did. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

Oh, and I must mention that my child is ADDICTED to the Sprout channel (77)!!!! Her aunt Jen introduced us to the Sprout channel several months ago, and she LOVES it. She knows how to get the TV to channel 77 herself. Her favorite show on Sprout is Caillou or Dragontails. Everytime Caillou comes on, she screams really loud "Momma, Caillou is on!!!!!" I love it. I do not know how I missed these channels for so long. Routine I guess. I am bad about that :o) I love routine!!

About Mom and Dad~ Well, Jason is still in a supervisors postition at Wal~Mart and has since started the P90X (workout program). This program is a kicker!!! Very very hard. I am so proud of him. He has done it everyday for 2 weeks and I could already tell a difference. He had to stop this week though because he fell down the stairs at our house and has possibly broke some ribs, we will see. (Thats' another story). He is in some pain though. I hope to start it up in a couple of days though, or start back up when he does, we'll see.

I have decided to quit nursing school and pursue my career at Lowe's. I just couldn't do the nursing (for several different reasons), but I am very content at Lowe's. There are some possible opportunities for me at Lowe's that I just can't pass up and I love working there, so that is where I shall stay. I have retail in my blood!!!!!!!! :o) I also have the fever for a new car and I already have it picked out. The Pilot!!! I love that vehicle. The new one that is, not the old on. But, that will be a while. Not sure I want a car payment at this time. We shall see. Maybe the fever will pass.

I have also gotten BIG time into couponing. Oh my goodness at the money we save and the stock of stuff we have at home. We are saving sooooo much money. It upsets me that I didn't do this before and think about all the money I've wasted. I have another class on it Saturday.. I told you I was in it BIG time. I love it. I am addicted to it I think. So is Jason. We went to Kroger last week and bought a TON of stuff, I am not kidding, a ton, and only spent $50... You wouldn't beleive it. Anyway....

Well, I have to go for now. I have to go get ready to pick up the pictures I ordered from Demetria Hale that I got in trouble for ordering. I spent way too much money. Oops!! :o) I made the mistake of placing my order online and leaving the receipt on the computer desk & Jason found it & held it up & said "Are you serious???" in a very loud voice!! Teehee!! I can't help it!

I will leave you with some pictures of Olivia's soccer practice Monday night. They aren't really good pics because it was getting dark, but I still had to post them. I hope to update with vaction pictures from the summer very soon.

Our baby! (whom is growing up very fast I might add)

Handsome Hagen (Coaches son & helper) I think Olivia has a crush on Hagen by the way. They "chat" a lot at soccer & church :-)So sweet.. I love it.

Sweet Kalia (Hagen's sister, coaches daughter & Livie's bud)

Hagen giving Olivia some pointers before practice starts :o)

Cutie Dyson (Livie's friend from school)

Kalia again (I just liked this picture)

The team!!!!

"Coach Hobie"

No hands Livie, no hands!!!!

Didn't get many pics of the other kids because I got most of the individual shots before practice. I will try and get some of the others next Monday. Toodles!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nurse Olivia

Just a few pictures of Olivia in her nurse's outfit that her Aunt Deana, Uncle Mike and cousins Evan & Aaron got her for her birthday in July. Thanks guys!! I love this child!!!! I have so much to share these days and sooo many updates to do, and sooooo little time. I will try to get on that ASAP.. But for now, enjoy the cuteness!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Olivia's cousin Charlie has officially started playing football this year and he is sooooo very excited. He came to the house right after he first got his uniform and had to show it to us. We are so excited for him & can't wait to watch him play. You know your aunt Tanya will be in the stands screaming and cheering and embarassing you to death. :o) We love you bud. GO CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!