Monday, April 19, 2010

Olivia's First Boat Ride...

So last week my daddy called & wanted us to go on a boat ride with him (and do a "little" fishing ;-), so we did. Jason didn't get to go because he had to work, but Olivia & I did, and so did her cousin Paige. It was really fun. I didn't get to take many pictures though because Olivia was scared to death at first, then she started liking it. She sat between my legs in my seat & held on to my thighs for dear life. ;-) The first time we took off, she started screaming, "Stop this boat. I want off right now!" Bless it.. I made her stay on it ( I know, mean mommy) and she ended up really liking it. I had to keep her face covered with a blanket when we were riding though because she didn't like the wind in her face, but she was doing some serious fishing (and coloring ;-) while the boat was stopped. (She even yelled at her Pepaw at one point when he started the boat to "Wait a minute Pepaw, wait till my mommy gets my blanket!!") Sooo funny! I bet people were wondering why there was someone riding in our boat with a blanket on their head. Teehee! Her Pepaw & Nana Nana hooked her up with a Princess fishing pole and it was soooo cute watching her TRY to throw that pole out there and TRYING to catch a fish. I think if she would have actually caught one, she would have thrown that pole overboard. Everytime her Pepaw would catch a fish, he would try to get her to reel it in, but she wouldn't. It freaked her out a little I think. She did feel of the fish & got to learn what the term "slimey" meant. Overall, a GREAT day & new experience for our baby girl! Fun days, fun days!!! Maybe I will get more pictues on the next ride.

Pepaw doing what he does best!!!!!

Olivia & her cousin Paige. Sweet girls.

Just some scenery we got to see on the boat ride that day.. Loving life!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just some spring fun & pics....

Olivia & I played outside for a little while this morning before the crazy weekend gets started. Lots to do before we leave Sunday afternoon for a camping trip. We are going camping with family and will be gone for a week. We can not wait! I don't know what it is about a camping trip that is so very peaceful. I am sure I will have LOTS of pictures when I get home. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. ;-) Happy Easter!!!

Olivia playing with her sidewalk chalk

Making a rainbow

Jumping on her trampoline

Hey batter batter, hey batter, batter!!

The Bradford Pear tree (I think ;-)

Our cherry trees

The first bloom on our weeping peach tree. I love this tree....