Monday, September 28, 2009

More Black Eye Pictures

Day 2 ~ Eating goldfish

Day 3 ~ I just thought these pictures were cute because she was so dirty from playing outside. Her daddy was calling her "Pigpen".

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Isn't this pitiful??? Our first shiner...

I don't know if you can really tell from the pictures, but Miss Olivia has her first official black eye. She and her cousin Hayden were at his house jumping on the bed (we think) and this is the end result.. Scared me to death. It was really swollen last night, but today it's starting to turn that nice shade of black and gone down a bit. Pitiful...

Here are a few pics from our week at the fair.I have more pictures on my phone that I wanted to post, but I am not sure how to do that. If someone wants to volunteer that information, that would be great for future reference. I am really dumb when it comes to technology.

Olivia and Hayden at a food booth at the fair, anxiously waiting to go ride rides!!

Olivia, Nana, Hayden and Pa. How sweet..

Olivia and Hayden on the motorcycles.

Okay, Olivia LOVED these little pigs.. Particularly the black ones. All we have heard about since the fair is that she wants a black pig. We went to see them everytime we went to the fair.

Here are Olivia and her cousin Hayden looking at the pigs.

Olivia and her beautiful cousin Hope. Hope was in the Little Miss pageant at the fair. She made it to the top 20 (or 30) or something like that and there were 80 something little girls in it. Anyway, we are proud of her. She was beautiful!

Olivia and Hayden riding the cars.

Me, Olivia and Hayden on the train.

Since Tonya told me how to get my pictures on here, I thought I would add some more pics of Olivia and her other cousin Charlie. Thank you Tonya! Love ya bunches.

How sweet!!!

Our sweet baby!

Charlie and Olivia on the teacups. I was so proud of Olivia this year. She rode everything there was for her to ride on. Her daddy was thrilled...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trident Watermelon Twist

I am really starting to wonder these days if gum is addictive. (Particularly Trident's Watermelon Twist Gum). Olivia is ADDICTED to it. No joke. From the moment she wakes, until it is time for bed, she is asking for this gum. We have even started purchasing this gum in the 3 pack packages. We have been known to go through one pack in one day (that is of course with her getting in my purse and sneaking pieces without my knowing it). At any rate, this is something that is going to have to be looked into. I have NEVER seen a human love gum the way our child does.

On another note, has anyone ever had someone to e-mail them wanting to advertise on their blog? Some traveling agency from Asia (I think) has e-mailed me wanted to advertise on my blog. Strange????? I, of course, will not do it because I am only doing this blog for purposes for Olivia when she gets older, (like turning my blog into a book like The Cutest Blog on the Block has), but I did find it rather odd.

First week of nursing school went well. I am officially overwhelmed, but it hasn't been too hard yet. I am very thankful for my 3 day weekend though.. 14 1/2 weeks to go!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!