Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Quick Christmas Recap ~ 2010

All I am going to say about this holiday is that we are truly one blessed family. This Christmas was really special at our house and I will NEVER forget it. I love my life & family and sometimes wonder how in the world I became so lucky or why God chose me to have everything that I do. All I can do now is thank Him with all my heart, and that's just what I do everyday.

On another note, Jason & I have decided to pursue adoption again and/or try to have a child biologically. Please pray for us and God's guidance in this next journey of our lives. I am really nervous. I just feel like I don't have the patience I should with Olivia, let alone another baby, but for some reason we feel like God is leading us in that direction. I hear this is a common worry among mothers though. I hope so. Another thing, I am 36 years old. I am no spring chicken and I have had LOTS of fertiliy issues. We shall see. God can do anything though if that's what He has planned for us. I know Olivia is ready for a brother or sister. We hear about it EVERY SINGLE DAY. We will soon let you know :o)

By the way, I took lots of pictures in some places, and less in others. I am sorry. I was just soooooo tired on Christmas Day from Christmas Eve. Please forgive me. I love you all just the same!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

Olivia and her cousin Kloe with the bears they got in their stockings at their school Christmas party

Olivia & her class. Instead of bringing presents for each other this year, the kids brought in canned food for the church.

Olivia's cubby at school

Olivia helping me make cupcakes for a Christmas party at my work. (LOWE'S)

Mixing it up

Yup, she did!! She taste tested them before I took them to work. Sorry if you ate one! :o)

Ewwwww, get this off me!!!!!!!!

Waiting on them to get out of the oven

FINALLY! Decorating

The finished product

A picture of the girls at Erica's house getting ready to start cooking the Christmas dinner. Okay, I have to say, my sister Erica is so awesome. She bought all the girls an apron this year to cook in! How sweet. Please notice what mine says!! Where in the world did she get the idea that I am a "drama queen?" Bahahahahaha!!! By the way, not sure if mom & Olivia were ready for the picture... Hahahahaha!!!

Olivia, Rylan & Gracie making some Christmas cupcakes.. Yummo!

Olivia should be getting good at making cupcakes at this at this point...

And a picture of the boys playing the Wii while the ladies are cooking...

Mixing it up

While the cupcakes are baking, a quick lesson in knitting...

Icing the cupcakes.

The girls creations!


Olivia's cousin Dauson

Bingo again

Olivia's cousin Gracie

Cousin's Rylan & Charlie

Me and Olivia being silly

Two VERY SLEEPY girls..

"London Bridge is falling down"

Poor Rylan. She was such a trooper. Grace and Liv were all over her all night and all day. She loved every minute of it. (I think ;o)

Precious babies: Dauson, Gracie, Olivia, Charlie & Rylan

Anxiously awaiting opening presents: I think Dauson & Charlie were ready. Don't you?

Aunt Kayla & her boyfriend Bo

Olivia opening one of her presents from Erica

Olivia jamming out with Dauson's paperjam's guitar

"Granny Rowland"

Olivia with ANOTHER present ;o)

Olivia opening her doorbell dollhouse from Granny Rowland

Olivia's Nanny (my mom)

Livie opening a present......

and another.....

Olivia & Hayden watching Caillou on Christmas Day.. Can't miss Caillou, not even on Christmas!

So sleepy!!

Olivia being silly with her daddy

Olivia & Uncle Ryan

Ummm, I think Kloe & Olivia fed the baby just "a tad" too much

The Jones family :o)


Heather Brummett said...

Love this post! I've missed seeing your blog so much! (Something weird about "cutest blog on the block" backgrounds. I can't see anyone's page who uses those from my laptop.) Anyways! Love the pictures and Miss Olivia is so gorgeous! You and your family are definitely in my prayers as you plan to expand your family. Whether it be through adoption or having a child biologically, that wonderful child will be blessed to be a member of your family! You were definitely a BIG inspiration in getting me motivated to pursue adoption. I will always be thankful for that! God bless!

*TARA* said...

That is so exciting! I will definitely be praying! Love the pictures by the way. especially the one where Livi is waiting for the cuipcakes to finish baking. Carter does that when i'm cooking dinner. he always asks for the oven light on. It's so cute.

Tonya said...

I am overjoyed that you are ready for another child!!!! Do not stress the patience thing we are moms and thats just what we do! We love our babies no matter how much we get aggrivated and the love that you show her is obvious to everyone. I love your Christmas pics..the one with the babies mouth too full is hilarious! miss you guys lots and hope to see you soon!